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StableMate Advanced

The Enhanced option for StableMate Users. Suitable for medium to large sized studs or farms engaged in breeding and managing client horses, StableMate Advanced includes all the functionality of both the standard products by including both the Breeding and the Invoicing modules. These provide nomination/breeding recording, breeding status and progress recording throughout the season and details of foaling and foals, as well as client/partnership/syndicate invoice production. Optional modules can be added including Stallion Bookings, and for non-thoroughbred studs and farms, AI Stock Management and Control, and Embryo Transfer Planning.

Horse Management Module

  • Activity recording with full Activity/Events history.
  • Complete/full Horse details, including:
    • Breed, Type, Colour
    • Sire & Dam
    • Passport and Chip Nos, Registration details
    • Date of Birth and Hemisphere etc.
    • Insurance & Valuation Details
    • progeny etc.
  • Growth monitoring, including reports  and graphs.
  • Location tracking and full movement history.
  • Ownership details with full ownership history.
  • Vaccination and Reminder management.

Pedigrees and Lineage

  • Pedigree maintenance for unlimited generations.
  • A variety of Lineage report formats.

Breeding Module

  • Automatic Breeding Season rollover.
  • Covering certification production.
  • Detailed covering/service/Insemination details
  • Detailed Foaling records, computed due dates, foaled dates etc..
  • Teasing charts by month/day
  • For non-thoroughbred farms & studs includes the options of
    •  Artificial Insemination Stock Control and Management
    •   Embryo Transfer Planning

Invoicing Module

  • Client/partnership Account records
  • Individual horse account records
  • Board/Keep/Agistment Fee processing & management
  • Invoice production by individual client/partnership and partnership member
  • Regular/periodic and selective invoicing
  • Fully maintained invoice history
  • Client payment/receipt recording
  • Standard and customised invoice templates
  • Interface with Sage, Quickbooks, MYOB, Cash Manger, Pegasus, FarmPlan, Landmark, Xero.

Full Reporting System

User Controlled Reference Files


  • Activity Categories and Events.
  • Countries of birth and Hemisphere.
  • Horse Breeds, Types and Colours.
  • Status, Use, & additional groupings.
  •  Locations: Studs & Farms, Yards, Paddocks, Stables, Boxes etc.
  • Status, Use, & additional groupings

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