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StableMate Basic

The product to get you started with StableMate. Suitable for the smaller studs, farms, liveries and training yards, StableMate Basic allows you to select, record and track everything you need against your horses. It will also remind you of any important activities to be completed/scheduled. A full and comprehensive reporting system ensures that all of your information is immediately available to you.

Horse Management

  • Activity recording with full history maintained.
  • Complete/Full Horse details, including:
    • Breed, Type, Colour
    • Sire & Dam
    • Passport and Chip Nos, Registration details
    • Date of Birth and Hemisphere etc.
    • Insurance & Valuation Details
    •  Progeny, etc.
  • Growth monitoring, including reports and graphs.
  • Location tracking and full movement history.
  • Ownership details with full ownership history.
  •  Vaccinations and Reminders management.

Full Reporting System

User Controlled Reference Files


  • Activity Categories and Events.
  • Countries of birth and Hemisphere.
  • Horse Breeds, Types and Colours.
  • Locations: Studs & Farms, Yards, Paddocks, Stables, Boxes etc..

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